Why You Should Use Korean Facemasks as Part of Your Beauty Regimen

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Koreans, both men and women, have complexions that are simply a thing of beauty. Fair and smooth complexion is the symbol of Korean beauty and over the years, it has expanded to the rest of the world through a variety of ‘life-changing’ beauty products.

They introduced us to BB creams, essences, and their very detailed skin care regimen, the secret to the scarily glowing, youthful-looking skin that every Korean seem to have. However, BB creams and essences are things of the past now with the most popular k-beauty trend being the so-called Korean facemasks or sheet masks.

Celebrities, not only Koreans but also Hollywood artists, are sporting Korean facemasks. Recently, Hollywood artists have started using this K-beauty trend. But, do Korean facemasks actually help with better skin care? Should you really use Korean facemasks as part of your beauty regimen? Well then, here’s to finding out.

The Korean Facemasks – Is It Worth the Try?

It has well over a decade ago when they first introduced Korean facemasks to Korean skin care and have been a staple to them since then. However, it recently caught the hype in the US fueled with the increasing popularity of everything Korean (K-drama, K-pop, etc.).

In the US, Korean facemasks are becoming increasingly popular as driven by manufacturers of said product based in Korea, setting up the quality of the products in the American market. With the hype to the trend of Korean facemasks, you are probably wondering if it is really worth to add to your skin care regimen.

According to beauty professionals, Korean facemasks really do have skin care benefits. The biggest benefit it would have is to delivering a beauty product in concentrated way well deep into the skin. By applying a product with occlusion, like the facemask, you can well increase the penetration. Of course, just like all beauty products, you should know that not all Korean facemasks are equal.

That is, there are different facemasks available out there with each being ideal for different skin conditions as well. For instance, if you have the dry skin, facemasks with hydrating ingredients would be a great choice for you. Manufacturers of Korean facemasks have their own recipes in making their sheet masks and so each have different effects to your complexion.

Korean facemasks are a great addition to your skincare regimen, but that is just it. Korean sheet masks should be an addition, not a replacement. So don’t start tossing your moisturizers, serums and creams yet. If you want to make the best of what Korean facemasks have to offer, you should think of them as adjuncts to the skin care products you are using.

They are great addition to help boost the effects of moisturizing and applying of sunscreen as well as anti-aging ingredients. Using the right kind of Korean facemask and using it properly, you are sure to take advantage of amazing skin care effects, far better than when you don’t wear one. In that sense, you must really use Korean facemasks as a new addition to your skin care routine.


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