Stay Hydrated this Fall!

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When fall comes around, you know you’re going to need some extra hydration for your skin. When it gets windy your skin needs some extra love! That’s why we use the Vitamin Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask to help revitalizour skin

This mask contains collagen extract & glycerin to intensely hydrate and soothe skin. It applies onto your face easily and the slits in the mask also help it stay in place. It has a cooling sensation and it leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. It also forms a protective coating, which locks the moister in, so your skin can stay fresh and healthy.  

The mask also has a great scent. It will leave your skin smelling like oranges and apples. We highly recommend this mask if you are a fan of keeping your skin hydrated as well as smelling like a crisp fall day as you walk by.


  • Apply to cleansed face
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove & discard mask.
  • Massage the remaining essence in circular motions.

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