Snail Essence, Why It’s Awesome?

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If you try to run through the internet and search for “snail essence,” there are a lot of skincare products that are featuring the snail secretion, and many promising facts about what it can do to your skin. Yes, you heard it right. The goo that comes out from the snail is the main ingredient to make out skin look vibrant and healthy.

Being used as a skin care treatment by the Greeks many years ago, snail essence’ substance had its grand come back recently being the Korean-based trend in terms of beauty. The snail essence can be found in makeup creams, masks, serums and others with the snail slime. And the snail-infused facial has made a gooey mark in some parts of the US. So, why is it snail essence is awesome and why many beauties are depending on it? Let us cite some reason.

Snail Essence is Packed with Nutrients to Help Your Skin

The snail essence is packed with nutrients like glycoprotein, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial & copper peptides. All of these are commonly used in the beauty products and they are proven not only to be effective but also beneficial for the skin. All of these elements are helping to protect the skin against the infection, UV rays, dryness and other damages.

Snail Essence Contains Enough Water

There are over 90% of water is found on the snail slimes as they are filtered several times in order to increase its concentration while ensuring purity. Commonly, there is a 91 to 98 percent of water being found on the snail essence products. Some products may claim to have 97 percent of a snail secretion filtrate. But always remember that the consistency and the quality of a snail mucus must be taken into account if you are looking for the best snail essence products.

Snail Essence is Popular for Its Antiaging Property

The snail essence is helping in stimulating the collagen and elastin formation. It helps protect the skin from the free radicals while helping the skin soothes and repairs its damaged tissues. It also restores hydration as it can be used in treating any dry skin, skins with wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, dark spots, scars, flat warts and other impurities in the skin.

Snail Essence is Widely Used in the Korean Beauty Products

The snail secretion filtrate is effectively used in the beauty products in Korea. It includes the serum, fading creams, facial masks, moisturizers and much more. They have a neutral look, texture and smell. Also, there are snail spas popular in other countries like Thailand and Japan, who are also using the essence.

So if you have problems with your skin and starting to lose your confidence because of the damages, then use the snail essence now. It will not just give you a glowing look but it can also hydrate your skin to look naturally moisturize. Plus, it will make you look young as it repairs the skin damaged tissues. Wasn’t it truly amazing?

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