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We commonly see that most of those who use facial masks are the women. And if you think that facial masks are made exclusively for them, you are wrong. Many men are using facial masks today and lots of beauty-product manufacturers are creating facial mask designed to meet the changing needs of men’s skin.

Nowadays, men are looking for the immediate way to detoxify their skin. And two of the best solutions known are scrubbing and masking. While many men get themselves familiar with the facial scrub, the face mask still prevails and remain a mystery being one of the most beneficial and simplest techniques to use. And since we’ve cleared it out that facial mask is far pretty options than scrubs, we will tell you some pointers and tips on how to use it.

Know Your Mask

There are many masks out in the market today, so know what mask suit your needs. If you prefer using clay, look for a product ingredient called Kaolin – a white and powder clay that has great absorbing properties for the oils and is good to prevent the spots.

Another option is the sheet mask. It is better and is a new trend in the Korean facial mask. Sheet mask has a lot of benefit like hydrating the skin, help in brightening the complexion, improves elasticity and detoxify the skin. You can have the sheet mask using the leading and top brand in Korea such as The Face Shop, Etude House, Skin Food, Nature Republic, Tony Moly and so much more. You can subscribe to Piibu.com’s monthly box subscription to get 8 up to 10 facial mask products.

Add a Moisture

If you are using the clay mask, which is also a great detoxifier, you may get yourself into a challenge if you have a sensitive skin type. You can add a moisturizer after applying the mask to ensure that moisture is still achieved. Or you can use the new Korean faced mask trend to acquire a complete solution.

Consider the Detoxifying Tips

Use the mask sparingly. Once or a couple of times every week is so much unless you are using a hydrating mask. In order to maximize the performance of your facial mask, use it after you exfoliate your skin using a face scrub. This will help enhance the penetration. Next is always avoid applying the mask near to skins near the eyes because your eyes could be delicate to the mask. And finally, do not apply the mask before you out in the evening as they can cause a blotchy look in your skin. Just apply it before you go to bed and have a rest.

So, there they are – the skin care tips for men using the facial mask. If you want to find out more, get the perks and have some of the popular facial masks from the top Korean brands, go to Piibu.com and subscribe to the monthly subscription service to get the products.

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