When is the Best Times of the day for Skincare?

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Sometimes, you are maybe wondering why the skin care product doesn’t work on you. Want to know the reason? You might not apply the skin care products at the right time!

It is very important to know the right product for you. Applying them properly is essential in achieving your ideal skin. That is why it is a must to know the best time of the day to apply your skincare products. Cosmetologists, experts, and studies show that the skin itself solely perform repairs between 10 pm ‘til midnight. Our cells repair themselves when we sleep that is why your skin care products are best applied at nighttime before you go to bed.

Let us find out why the best time for skin care is at night after the shower and before bed.


As you wake up in the morning, your skin is already prone to some hormonal activity and can possibly trigger itching, and inflammation. This time of the day is already prone to the heat of the sun. That is why it is not good to apply skincare products especially if you will go out for a walk.

12 Noon

This is the time where the extreme rays of the sun can be experienced. Your skin is then prone to the damaging UV rays that can cause irritation and redness to your skin. The effect of the skincare products weakens because of the sun. Therefore, 12 noon is not the right and perfect time for your skincare.


This is the best time of the day for your skincare. Every night after you take your shower and before you go to bed is the best time for your skincare. It is the time where you can apply all your powerful anti-aging skin care products because you don’t need to worry about the damaging UV rays of the sun. And as you sleep, your skin and cells don’t stop from repairing your skin and the cells to make it more hydrated and healthy.

Day vs. Night

Treating your skin well is all that matters. But come to think of it. Night and morning routines also matter in keeping your skin healthy. There are some skin care beauty products that cannot be used during the morning but if used will not guarantee its effect on your skin.

The purpose of the night time skincare routine is for deep and clean repair. Night time is considered as the right time for removing all the traces and dirt from your skin for the day. This will help you to prevent your pores from clogging that can lead to acne. Most of the skincare beauty products are best to use every night time before sleep. But there are also beauty products such as serums that are both used during morning and night time.

Night and or day time is always a good time for exfoliating. But, it is more advisable to have your skincare at night after your shower and before you go to bed. Keep your skin healthy and nourish by choosing the best skin care products the perfectly suits you and are recommended by your cosmetologist.

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  1. OMGOSH I can’t walk around with a mask on – it would just fall off my face, I have tried many brands and they all fall off if I get up and move about. I must sit read or look on my iPad or watch TV… Love Love my masks they really make a difference only problem is when it’s real cold a cold mask brrrrr I’d love a “warm” mask on my face during the coldest part of the year 🤗

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